By Bob Curran



A few years ago I listened intently to two different audio books from a brilliant gentleman named Stuart Wilde. Mr. Wilde is considered by many to be the greatest living metaphysician in the world today. In 2001, Wilde discovered the Morph phenomenon, a process by which physical reality goes transparent and soapy-looking and humans dematerialize. You can find his profile on “Google” or any other search engine. Watching the transcendental nature of Morph for eight years, he gradually wrote out in details the topography and exact nature of what is now known as the Alma, Mirror-Worlds, sometimes referred to as the Spirit Worlds; much of that information has since been verified by many others, who have greatly added to his initial work. Many of the most famous New Age, New Thought writers have been greatly influenced by his work. I’m not one of them, yet.

But one of the most memorable things I remember from his teachings is to write down every dream each morning when it’s fresh in your mind.

Due to the shortened attention spans of most people directly created by advancing technology and delivery devices I thought that a literary style that I remembered from years ago, called the “Short Short Story” might just be the perfect vehicle for some dreams I've written down recently. They may not make any sense except to dream interpretation experts. Dreams are usually not full stories themselves but disjointed images that our subconscious mind churns out each and every night that may have some bearing on problem solving form our daytime wide-awake experiences.

Follow me now. It won’t take long to read each dream sequence. According to Mr.Wilde these experiences will somehow help you get more in touch with your “spiritual self.” I’m as much of a skeptic as you are. So please join me for one weird ride!

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This a great book to have by your bedside table. Easy reading. Bob has captured and put in writing his dreams, many of which we all have experienced. Strongly suggest you buy this book Peter Scribner…St.Petersburg







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